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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to compare and assess the knowledge, attitude, and perceived factors towards research amongst undergraduate (UG) Optometry students in India with an International scenario. Methodology: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted among Indian and international UG Optometry students. A modified questionnaire was used to collect data from UG optometry students through an online Google form, which was circulated electronically. Results: Out of 154 subjects [(77 Indian & 77 Abroad), Male-60% & 30% while Female-40% & 70% respectively], 36 Indian subjects (46.7%) & 61 Abroad subjects (79.2%) were having an idea to research while (93.5%) & (80.5%) were having interest towards research respectively. The common perceived factors including, Inadequate support by faculty (27%& 27%), Inadequate motivation (28.6% & 32.5%), Inadequate financial support (27.3%& 31.2%), Lack of time (13%& 49.4%), need of adequate training (36.3%& 28.6%), lack of skills and knowledge (35.1%& 37.7%), lack of interest (22.1% & 27.3%) and not have any opportunities to take part in research (24.7%& 13%) were observed in Indian and Abroad subjects respectively. All factors mentioned were found to be statistically significant (p<0.05) with the Chi-square & ANOVA test in SPSS version 21. Conclusion: Most students had a positive attitude or interest in eye health research, but Indian students lacked an ample number of resources in comparison to abroad ones. So, a positive cum supportive environment (including the availability of optimum resources) is needed to improve skills & knowledge about research amongst UG optometry students during their academic life.


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