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Singh, S., & Rastogi, M. (2024). PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS: AN OVERVIEW ON MECHANISM OF ACTION AND THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS. SALT Journal of Scientific Research in Healthcare, 4(1), 10–16.


The current review explores the intricate mechanism and diverse therapeutic applications of prebiotics and probiotics in promoting gastrointestinal health. Prebiotics, nondigestible compounds, foster the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, while probiotics, live microorganisms directly contribute to the microbial balance. Therapeutically, these agents have demonstrated efficacy in treating and preventing various gastrointestinal conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome diseases, and antibiotic–associated diarrhoea. Additionally, their impact extends beyond the gut, influencing systemic conditions such as metabolic syndrome and mental health. Understanding the intricate interplay between prebiotics, probiotics, and the host provides insights into developing targeted interventions for personalized healthcare. This review highlights the evolving landscape of prebiotic and probiotic research, emphasizing their potential as innovative therapeutic tools for a range of health conditions.


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