Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): Jul to Dec
Jul to Dec
Greetings from SALTJSRH !

Injuries can hamper normal functioning. Especially post brain injuries resulting from various causes including accidents, post operative scenarios needs neurophysiotherapy to restore higher mental functions including thinking, memory, learning and cognition. Meta cognitive training where self awareness on knowledge and experience were presented in this edition with metacognition training by expert physiotherapy. DNA editing, an emerging area training higher commitment to improve many severe ailments such as AIDS, hepatitis B, which are cost effective and reliable by eminent professional. Developing countries like India with huge diabetic population needs cost effective glucose monitoring but at the same time should be more clinically reliable. An attempt to analyse an normal subjects random blood and capillary sample, results have shown negligible difference were discussed with due evidence. Oral hygiene an essential component of health. Four mouth wash from commercial products were analysed for their antiseptic, cosmetic efficacy and duly discussed with greater evidenced material. Multidisciplinary health benefits with research duly packed by evidence in this issue can be a greater boon to academic and research aspirants.

Dr SS Subramanian, MPT., Ph.D., Editor in Chief, SALT Journal of Scientific Research in Healthcare